Cold-Hearted Character? Dahyun TWICE Regrets This Image On ‘SIXTEEN’

While Dahyun Perfected Her Confident And Cheerful Image Over The Years, The Idol Admitted That She Gave Off A Completely Different Vibe During ‘SIXTEEN’, The JYP Survival Show.

TWICE ‘s Dahyun is known for her goofy humor, rap skills, and captivating stage performances. However, the 1998-born singer revealed that there were things he regretted during the ” SIXTEEN ” period .

While Dahyun has perfected her confident and cheerful image over the years, the idol admitted that she gave off a completely different vibe during “SIXTEEN”, the JYP Entertainment survival show that defined TWICE’s debut lineup.

In a recent interview, Dahyun was asked what she would say to her “SIXTEEN” self if she got the chance. “If I could say something to myself at that moment, I would say ‘Stop daydreaming,'” Dahyun said.

Dahyun explained that even though she didn’t mean it that way, her face on the show looks really angry whenever she’s daydreaming. “Because I was daydreaming, not saying anything, looking angry at something,” explained the “The Feels” singer.

Due to her unintentional facial expression, Dahyun feels like she gives off a “cold-hearted” vibe which, of course, doesn’t match her real personality at all. “And [I] look like I’m cold-hearted,” he laments.

So, Dahyun ended up hearing a lot of criticism, which made her wish she could come back and show her true personality from the start. “I [hear] a lot of criticism. I’m not angry or cold-hearted. It’s just that I’m daydreaming. So, I want to say ‘Stop daydreaming. Keep a smiling face,'” he explained.

But even though Dahyun may be sorry, she’s already proven her kind image over the years, so she doesn’t have to worry.

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