Congratulations, Baek Sung Hyun’s Wife Is Confirmed To Give Birth To A Second Child

The Happy News Came From Baek Sung Hyun’s Wife Who Was Reported To Have Given Birth To Their Second Son In Good Health, And Now Their Little Family Has A New Member.

The famous actor Baek Sung Hyun recently announced happy news to the public. It was reported by his agency WETA LAB that Baek Sung Hyun’s wife had given birth to a son.

Baek Sung Hyun’s agency announced the happy news on August 8, that the wife of the actor born in 1989 gave birth to her second child, a boy on July 29. The agency stated that the mother and baby are in good health.

Recently, Baek Sung Hyun has returned to the spotlight after he joined the KBS program ” The Return of Superman ” or also known as ” Superman is Back “. Baek Sung Hyun showed off his moments of togetherness with his daughter in the program. Along with reportedly joining the event, Baek Sung Hyun announced his wife’s second pregnancy, which was greeted with joy.

The joining of Baek Sung Hyun with Baek Seo Yoon, the princess in “Superman is Back” itself began when her child was 14 months old. It is known that Baek Seo Yoon was born in October 2020 prematurely.

Please note that Baek Sung Hyun married his wife in April 2020. It is known that his wife is three years younger than him and is from a non-celebrity circle.

Baek Sung Hyun and his wife previously had a romantic relationship together after 4 years together. And now, this small family has added a new member, a baby boy who was born on July 29.

Since his debut as a child actor in 1994, Baek Sung Hyun has starred in various dramas such as ” Stairway To Heaven “, ” Iris 2 “, and ” Voice 4 “. It is not known so far what upcoming drama project will be starring Baek Sung Hyun.

Meanwhile, this actor has become a role model because he remains active as an actor as well as a father who always makes time to be with his daughter. Congratulations on the birth of Baek Sung Hyun’s second son!

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