Congratulations, The Team’s LE SSERAFIM Logo Wins The Grand Prize Of The Design Contest

The Team That Created The LE SSERAFIM Logo Recently Received High Appreciation From A Prestigious ‘Red Dot Design Awards’ Contest In 2022, Making Their Name Fragrant.

Creating a work in the form of a logo for girl groups, boy groups or the like, of course requires high creativity. Apart from being an identity, having a logo that has a deep meaning is also interesting in terms of its background.

Recently, the LE SSERAFIM logo creation team made an achievement. Source Music reported on Friday (12/8), the LE SSERAFIM logo team won the “Brand Design & Identity” grand prize in the “Brand & Communication Design” category organized by the “Red Dot Design Awards 2022”.

Please note that the “Red Dot Design Awards” is an international design contest held in Germany. The contest was founded in 1955 and is rated as one of the world’s three major design awards along with the German “iF” and the United States “IDEA”.

You could say, this contest has a high level of credibility and is recognized worldwide. Therefore, the achievements obtained by the LE SSERAFIM logo team should be proud considering that this was won from a 4th generation girl group whose popularity continues to increase.

This event is regularly held every year so that award-winning works are selected by evaluating excellence, creativity, and functionality in design with three categories. Product design, concept design, and brand and communication design.

Please note that LE SSERAFIM is an anagram (a word, phrase or name formed by rearranging other letters) of “IM FEARLESS”. The name of this logo implies the confidence and strong desire of the girls to move forward without fear of being swayed by the gazes of the world.

Meanwhile, before the film’s debut, the logo released by Source Music on the HYBE LABELS channel has been getting a lot of talk. How not, this girl group attracts attention because of the name as well as the members.

Over 300K views in just 9 hours of release. LE SSERAFIM recorded from 1 million views at 7am. The music video for LE SSERAFIM’s debut song “FEARLESS” reached 100 million views on August 9, 100 days after their debut. On the same day, they were on the US Billboard charts for 14 consecutive weeks, the best performance among any K-pop girl groups debuting this year.

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