Congregational Pain, NCT Dream Members Compact Writes Long Messages After ‘Dream Concert’ Cancels

All NCT Dream Members Immediately Wrote Long Messages To Fans After SM Entertainment Announced That Their Solo Concert Was Canceled After Mark And Renjun Tested Positive For Covid-19.

NCT fans are currently being saddened because the NCT Dream concert has finally been cancelled. At first, this concert will be performed by 6 members because Mark Lee tested positive for Covid-19. However, it was revealed that Renjun also got positive results yesterday, Wednesday (27/7), so the concert was decided to be canceled .

The seven members of NCT Dream immediately sent messages via Dear.U Bubble after the cancellation of the long-awaited first concert with 7 members. Mark, Renjun, Jeno , Haechan , Jaemin , Chenle , and Jisung expressed their sincere apologies to NCTZen or Czennie ( NCT fandom ).

Renjun became the first member to send a message. Renjun promised that NCT Dream will continue to be together and greet fans soon. ” I’m really sorry for czennies who waited and waited for our first concert as 7DREAM, ” said Renjun starting his message.

The maknae , Jisung revealed that all plans don’t always go as desired. Jisung revealed that NCT Dream was also very sad about this cancellation but they supported each other. Jisung asked fans to think positively and look forward to the NCT Dream concert in the future.

” There is a saying that ‘disaster rolls over and becomes a blessing’. Imagine what good things will happen to us later hehe~, ” closed Jisung sweetly.

Haechan expressed his apologies that the NCT Dream concert had to be cancelled. Haechan mentioned that it would be very disappointing if the concert had to be done without Mark and Renjun. Haechan asked fans to pray for the two NCT Dream members to get well soon from Covid-19 and ensure they will meet soon in the future.

” I’m sorry!! We’ve worked hard to prepare, but the health of our members is the most important!!! ” Haechan said at the beginning of his message.

Chenle confessed that he was as sad as fans right now and felt the current situation was unfair. However, Chenle promised NCT Dream will prepare well for the next concert so that fans don’t worry.

” We will just put ourselves together quickly and prepare well for the next concert and future stage and show it, ” Chenle concluded.

Jeno assured fans that this was not the last concert of NCT Dream. So, asking fans not to be too sad. He also thanked fans who had been looking forward to their concert.

” Thank you so much for always waiting for Dreamies and waiting for us!! You guys worked hard today!! Sleep well!! I hope this will give you some comfort, ” Jeno concluded.

Jaemin admitted that he felt very guilty about all the fans who had prepared to come to South Korea for the NCT Dream concert. Jaemin was openly annoyed with Covid-19 and asked fans not to be too sad.

” Corona you are naughty, making czennies have a hard time, I will punish you!! (to be honest I can’t do that but at least in my heart hoho), ” Jaemin joked at the end of his message.

The leader , Mark again sent a second long message after the announcement that he was positive for Covid-19. Mark admits he has never felt disappointed so badly compared to now. However, he promised to meet soon at another time.

” By the way, you’ve worked hard this time, the members and many people have been through a lot. Czennie, you’ve also been through a lot!!! Seriously, we have to meet soon, ” exclaimed Mark.

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