Contrasting Style, Suzy’s Charm Beats Jung Eun Chae Who Dares To Be Different At ‘Anna’ Preskon

As Soon As She Entered The Press Conference Room, Suzy Immediately Impressed The Audience And Reporters With Her Beautiful Appearance. Jung Eun Chae Looks Cool In A Suit.

Suzy and Jung Eun Chae ‘s appearance at the press conference ” Anna ” became a hot topic for the public. The two main leads of the drama show contrasting charms.

On June 21, 2022, the press conference for “Anna” took place in Seoul ahead of the drama’s premiere. The press conference became the center of attention thanks to the participation of the main cast, including Suzy, Kim Jun Han , Jung Eun Chae, and Park Ye Young .

As soon as she entered the press conference room, Suzy immediately impressed the audience and reporters with her beautiful appearance, and extraordinary charisma, exuding a gentle and elegant beauty.

Suzy has still maintained her charm over the years, as expected of the leading beauty goddess in the Korean entertainment industry. In particular, Suzy’s makeup perfectly accentuates her beauty.

Unlike his colleagues, Jung Eun Chae looks cool in a complete black suit. The outfit perfectly accentuated the actress’ tall physique and long legs.

However, Jung Eun Chae’s makeup was judged to be too pale with her hairstyle not fitting. Because of that, Suzy’s shining beauty is said to overshadow the appearance of the star of the drama ” The King: Eternal Monarch “.

Meanwhile, “Anna” tells the story of how a simple lie makes a woman named Yu Mi (Suzy) live a completely different life.

On the other hand there is Hyun Joo (Jung Eun Chae) who enjoys his superior life, without consideration or hatred for others. Somehow, he got involved with Yu Mi.

“Anna” will be released via the OTT Coupang Play platform starting June 24, 2022. Viewers can’t wait for Suzy’s acting as a character she hasn’t tried so far.

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