Coupang Play Denies Editing ‘Anna’ Without Permission, Director Called Reject Request

The Coupang Play Platform Denies Accusations From Director Lee Joo Young That Having Edited Without Permission In The Drama ‘Anna’ After Being Disclosed Will Be Prosecuted In Court.

The dispute between the Coupang Play platform and Director Lee Joo Young is heating up. Previously, Director Lee Joo Young’s attorney revealed that Coupang Play had cut and edited the drama ” Anna ” starring Suzy without permission .

“Anna” was revealed to actually have 8 episodes instead of the 6 episodes it had aired. Director Lee Joo Young’s side stated that they had tried to contact Coupang Play previously and had not received a response.

Lee Joo Young is said to have asked for her name to be withdrawn from the credits as director and writer of “Anna”, but there was no response. Lee Joo Young’s party also threatened to take legal action.

Today, Wednesday (3/8), Coupang Play finally spoke up. Coupang Play admits that the “Anna” shown is not what the director agreed to.

In detail, Coupang Play then denied Director Lee Joo Young’s accusations that he had edited “Anna” without permission. Coupang Play is said to have tried to ask for permission but was refused by Director Lee Joo Young.

“We learned that the editing of the memant did not reflect the direction originally agreed upon by Coupang Play, the director and the production house,” said Coupang Play.

“Over the past few months, Coupang Play has submitted a special request for modifications to the director, but the director has refused to make any modifications,” said Coupang Play.

Coupang Play then finally decided to keep editing after getting approval from the production house. This was revealed to be Coupang Play’s right in accordance with the contract agreement.

“After obtaining permission from the production company and by exercising our rights as stated in the contract, we made changes to reflect the story that was originally agreed upon by all parties, resulting in a work that was highly acclaimed by viewers,” said Coupang Play.

Coupang Play also said it would release an edited version of “Anna” in mid-August. “Out of respect for the director’s editorial direction, we will be releasing the director’s version of ‘Anna’ as soon as the Film Rating Board’s deliberations are finalized in mid-August.”

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