Creator Says Stranger Things Season 4 Won’t Have a Happy End

LOS ANGELES – Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers have bad news for fans of the Netflix series , that season 4 will end badly. When interviewed by Empire Magazine , they said that unlike the ending of the previous seasons which had a happy ending or gave hope, Stranger Things 4 will close with a sad and dark story. “Usually at the end of the season , we will give something satisfying before giving something that will still make the audience curious. Because we will enter the season

5, (then) we won’t do that (again). What has happened can never be reversed,” they said, quoting from Slash Film .

Although it is impossible to say explicitly, but this statement seems to code that it is very possible that there are important characters who die in Stranger Things 4. Given how difficult Eleven’s journey and friends in season 4 volume 1, this is not impossible.

As is known, at the end of season 3, this series makes Hopper seem dead. However, in the season 4 teaser , the audience was immediately informed that the Hawkins cop is still alive.

Meanwhile, at the end of season 4 volume 1, Nancy is told to be under the influence of Vecna. Unlike Max, who easily escaped from the Upside Down world, what happened to Nancy seems to be more severe. But whether it was Nancy who met her death, of course we have to wait for the answer.

Not only Nancy and her colleagues at Hawkins who have to face dangerous events, Eleven, who is very likely to fight Vecna head-on, is also very likely to suffer a terrible fate. So far, we don’t know how powerful Vecna is. But from what happened in volume 1 alone we know that Vecna is terrible.

From the very beginning, The Duffer Brothers said that Stranger Things 4 would be much darker and bigger than before. The action scenes are made like a blockbuster movie class , while the story will drain emotions.

If it is true that there will be characters who die in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2, then season 5 will offer many possibilities for the development of the story and the lives of the characters.

Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 will air on July 1. While season 5, which is also the conclusion of the story of this series, there is no official schedule yet, but it is predicted to be released in 2023.

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