‘Decision To Leave’ Becomes A Sexy Film Without Adult Scenes, How Come?

‘Decision To Leave’ Is In The Spotlight Because It Is Called A Sexy Film Without Adult Scenes. Why Is That? Check Out The Full Explanation In The News Below.

The plot of the film ” Decision to Leave ” is in the spotlight of many parties. The reason is, this film is described as a sexy film without adult scenes.

“Decision to Leave” starring actors Park Hae Il and Tang Wei , was directed and written by director Park Chan Wook who is quite well known in the film industry. His hits include ” Oldboy ” and ” The Handmaiden “.

Apart from that, he has also won many prestigious awards including the Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes International Film Festival. That is why director Park Chan Wook is known as the representative of Korea in the international cinematic scene.

Now he is ready to score another success with the film “Decision to Leave” which presents an unusual romance. The film revolves around a Korean police officer, who madly pursues a mysterious but alluring widow, who is suspected of murdering her own husband.

Regarding the film “Decision to Leave”, director Park Chan Wook said, “In order to avoid an empty message, I piled up various layers for my film. After Hae Joon (Park Hae Il) moved to the beach, where his wife works at a nuclear plant, things started to get worse. wild and unpredictable. The emotions that Seo Rae (Tang Wei) feels towards the police will also disappear in the latter half of the film.

The tension between the two main characters was carefully described, and Park Chan Wook chose not to pursue sensuality. He explained, “I wanted to make something elegant in the traditional sense, where each character has deep inner emotions but appears calm and peaceful on the outside.”

“My story is about romance between adults, who have adult problems to deal with. After all, the older we get, the more difficult it becomes to express our feelings because we are used to keeping them because of the special circumstances and conditions we go through,” he added.

While director Park Chan Wook has a penchant for creating films with adult ratings, he does something different for “Decision to Leave” which has an age limit of PG 15. This film features a relationship between a sexy main character but no actual sex scenes, nudity and little sensuality.

Instead, their chemistry is shown through simple gestures in everyday life such as eye contact and skinship such as when Hae Joon applied moisturizer to Seo Rae’s hands. In addition, this film seems quite sensual with the color gradation and music.

“People call it a sexy film without sexiness. Personally, I think they found the ‘sexy’ concept of the relationship between characters, hearts, feelings and the intrinsic nature of this film,” concluded director Park Chan Wook.

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