Denied By The Agency, Nam Joo Hyuk’s Words Harassed Female Friends Revealed By A Former Reporter

The Former Reporter Who Is Now A YouTuber, Lee Jin Ho, Revealed Details About ‘KakaoTalk Prison’, Revealing The Message Sent By Nam Joo Hyuk In The Chat Group.

The figure who claimed to be a victim of school bullying Nam Joo Hyuk spoke up again. This new victim or A tells about the difficulty of his life after being invited to the “KakaoTalk Prison” group.

The group is said to consist of 12 boys including Nam Joo Hyuk. The new victim stated that he received ridicule, sexual harassment, and swear words in the group.

Nam Joo Hyuk was also said to have also given harsh words. The former entertainment world reporter who is now a YouTuber, Lee Jin Ho, did not hesitate to reveal the contents of the “KakaoTalk Prison” group.

Lee Jin Ho did believe that Nam Joo Hyuk was not the leader of the group. However, the handsome actor who was born in 1994 also insulted the invited female friend.

“Given the context, Nam Joo Hyuk is definitely not the leader,” said Lee Jin Ho. Son is said to be the one who invited the alleged victim to the group conversation on May 10, 2012.

“After that, the one-sided abusive language of the male students in the group chat room started,” said Lee Jin Ho while showing the details of the conversation in the video.

Nam Joo Hyuk revealed by Lee Jin Ho expressing harsh words even though he was not the leader of the group. Nam Joo Hyuk is also said to be quite conspicuous in the group.

‘ Nam Joo Hyuk opened his mouth 10 minutes after A was invited into the room, he said, ‘Ah, there’s a dog**g’ KakaoTalk. It’s a bit harsh, but he’s not the one in charge,” explained Lee Jin Ho.

“He also showed a stinging appearance. It was because the KakaoTalk space bombing was carried out through Nam Joo Hyuk,” he continued.

Lee Jin Ho then mentioned that the boys of the group left the conversation after Nam Joo Hyuk revealed ” Let’s go back to our room “. “You can see at a glance Nam Joo Hyuk’s position among his friends,” explained Lee Jin Ho.

“And when the contents of the KakaoTalk prison became an issue, some of them contacted the victim and expressed the meaning of ‘ I want to apologize ‘,” he added.

Meanwhile, Management Soop as Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency itself gave a rebuttal regarding this “KakaoTalk Prison” controversy. Management Soop stated that the truth will be revealed through the law.

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