Different Ways YG Entertainment Responds To Dating Rumors Of BLACKPINK Jisoo And Jennie Again In The Spotlight

Approaching BLACKPINK’s Comeback, The Members’ Movements Became The Center Of Attention. YG Entertainment’s Way Of Responding To Jennie And Jisoo’s Dating Rumors Was Again Discussed.

Ahead of the first comeback in 2 years, the movements of the BLACK PINK members are in the spotlight. This time, the agency’s response to dating rumors involving Jisoo and Jennie was discussed again.

On August 18, a discussion on the forum about “YG Entertainment’s reaction when dating rumors really aren’t real” suddenly surfaced. In the post, busy discussing different agency responses to Jennie and Jisoo dating rumors.

Previously, Jisoo who was rumored to be dating Son Heung Min was quickly responded to by YG Entertainment. Not only the agency that claimed the rumors were fake, Jisoo herself also denied there was a special relationship between them.

Meanwhile, when Jennie was dragged into dating rumors with V Bangtan Boys , the agency gave a brief response. YG Entertainment said it was difficult to talk about the artist’s life.

With the different responses to Jennie and Jisoo’s dating rumors even though they are a group, netizens are speculating if one of them is true. Moreover, YG Entertainment gave a similar response to the dating rumors of Winner (II) Kang Seung Yoon .

“I think everyone is keeping quiet about V and Jennie, but I think they are really dating,” said one netizen. “When it’s really wrong, they deny it,” said another netizen. “It’s funny that they said the photo of V and Jennie was photoshopped,” added another.

“If you know, you know how YG Entertainment works. Lol. If it’s true they can only say it’s true, but they are very self-absorbed even though they pretend to be a free-spirited agency,” commented a netizen.

“But (YG Entertainment) responded to the difficulty of confirming when it was clear there was a photo. Isn’t that disparaging the public?” another netizen said. “Jisoo doesn’t have his photo taken, but Jennie and Kang Seung Yoon are there. Even if you push evidence into their noses, YG remains silent,” continued another.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that the dating rumors of Jisoo and footballer Son Heung Min are hard to believe. Moreover, the reputation of the Tottenham Hotspur player has been questioned since there was news of a date with Minah Girl’s Day .

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will soon release a second full album titled “BORN PINK” on September 16. Ahead of the comeback, they launched the pre-release single “Pink Venom” today, Friday (20/8).

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