‘Double Kill’, Song Hye Kyo And Han So Hee Will Play Drama Together?

Two Beautiful South Korean Actresses, Song Hye Kyo And Han So Hee Are Reported To Be Playing In The Same Drama. Song Hye Kyo And Han So Hee Will Also Be The Main Players In The Drama.

Good news for K-Drama lovers, especially fans of 2 beautiful actresses, Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee . the article, these two K-Drama lovers idol actresses are rumored to be playing in one drama title.

According to media reports on Monday (29/8), Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hwee will be the two female leads in a new drama series directed by director Lee Eung Bok. It is known that one of Lee Eung Bok’s popular works is the Netflix series ” Sweet Home “.

The new drama series is titled ” The Price of Confession ” (literal translation). The drama The Price of Confession will tell the story of two women who are involved in a murder case.

Song Hye Kyo will play an art teacher while Han So Hwee will play a mysterious woman. Unfortunately this series has not provided further information about the line-up.

It is known that Han So Hee is a young artist whose name began to skyrocket through the antagonist role in the drama ” The World of Married “. In the drama, Han So Hee played the role of Yeo Da Kyung, a pelakor (male usurper) who had an affair with the main character’s husband.

After her popularity skyrocketed through “The World of Married”, Han So Hee was flooded with offers as the main role in various dramas, including ” My Name ” and ” Nevertheless “. In the drama “My Name”, Han So Hee co-starred with Ahn Bo Hyun . , while Song Kang was his co-star in “Nevertheless”.

While the name Song Hye Kyo is certainly familiar to K-Drama lovers, even the old ones. Starting from the old school drama ” Autumn in My Heart ” in 2000 ago, ” Encounter ” to ” Descendants of the Sun “.

Song Hye Kyo is known to have started her acting career at a young age since 1996. Now, a series of dramas and films have also starred Song Hye Kyo, making her one of the top South Korean actresses.

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