Draymond Green Faces Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors

SAN FRANCISCO – Golden State Warriors player, Draymond Green, admitted that he had expected the Boston Celtics to qualify for the 2021/2022 NBA Finals . He thinks the Celtics are a good team. The Warriors will face the Celtics in the first game of the 2021-2022 NBA Finals at the Chase Center Arena, Friday (3/6/2022) morning WIB. In the match later, both teams will show their best performance to be able to win. Also read: 2022 NBA Finals, Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart Makes Horrors Meanwhile, Green claimed to have predicted the Warriors would face the Celtics in the 2021/2022 NBA finals. He considered the team from Boston to be a good team to be able to play in the top party.

“I didn’t really predict that. I know very little about basketball. If you know a little bit about basketball and you look at both teams, I just think Boston is the better team,” Green said . 1/6/2022).

But the 32-year-old player was reluctant to say as the correct prediction he made. Green also emphasized that the Celtics deserve to play in the final this season, because they managed to look good.

“It’s not a prediction or a bit on anyone. I just think they are a good team and obviously they deserve to be in the final,” he explained.

The Celtics can advance to the 2021/2022 NBA finals, not separated from their good performance during the regular season. The team, which has won the NBA title 17 times, ended the regular season in second place in the eastern region and was entitled to qualify for the play-offs.

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