ENHYPEN Fansign In The Midst Of Super Hot Weather, Members’ Attitude Becomes Rumors

The Members Of ENHYPEN Became The Subject Of Gossip After Participating In The Recent Fansign Of Their New Album ‘Manifesto: Day 1′ Which Was Held Outdoors In Hot Weather.

ENHYPEN is currently promoting their latest album titled “Manifesto: Day 1″, which was released on July 4. When holding a fansign, the behavior of the group who graduated from the survival program ” I-LAND ” stole the attention and went viral in cyberspace.

Recently, ENHYPEN members participated in an offline fansign. So that they can meet with ENGENE (as ENHYPEN fans) directly. Their behavior towards fans no doubt received a lot of praise.

A TikTok account shared the atmosphere of the ENHYPEN fansign in the midst of such hot weather. The members must be outside when the temperature in the super hot location exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. In fact, they wore layered clothes for the sake of styling according to the album concept and had to take off the outer part to feel cooler.

The members are provided with a large fan to share and a mini fan each. During the event, Jake is caught pointing his mini fan at ENGENE. Not only Jake, Jungwon also turns the fan so that fans feel cooler when they are chatting.

Even sweeter, maknae Ni-Ki tries to give his best for ENGENES. The 2005-born idol walked to the fans’ seats and turned the head of a large fan to the crowd of fans who were waiting in line.

Not only praised by fans, ENHYPEN’s attitude has attracted many pairs of eyes and immediately became the subject of gossip. The original TikTok video has been played more than 1 million times. The video was even liked by more than 300 thousand users of the application. Netizens are also busy praising the members who care about fans.

“Everything is very sweet, but Ni-Ki and the fan make him the sweetest maknae, he really loves fans,” said one netizen. “I Googling it’s 32 degrees, almost 40 degrees Celsius,” said another netizen. “They are very valuable,” continued another.

Meanwhile, ENHYPEN has entered a new era with the album “Manifesto: Day 1” and the title song “Future Perfect (Pass The Mic)”. The boy group created by BE:LIFT, a subsidiary of HYBE, managed to sell 768,603 copies on the first day.

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