ENHYPEN’s Jake Rumored To Relax Borrowing Matches To Girls In Itaewon

A Knetz Mentioned Through An Online Community That He Saw ENHYPEN’s Jake In The Itaewon Area, Seoul And Borrowed Matches From Women.

Popular K-Pop idols often suddenly become a lively conversation in the online community by Knetz. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to get slanted rumors.

Monday (23/8), Jake ENHYPEN was dragged down by bad rumors. A Knetz on Twitter admitted that he saw Jake in the Itaewon area, Seoul. Jake was revealed to be borrowing matches from a woman at the time.

” Enhypen’s Jake goes around asking a woman for a cigarette lighter in Itaewon, ” said the uploader who re-shared Knetz’s tweet on Pann Nate .

The uploader also shared portraits of the so-called Jake as evidence. Even so, the portrait doesn’t really show Jake’s face.

In the portrait, the alleged figure of Jake appears in a casual style that fits the summer. He wore a plaid flannel shirt and black sweatpants.

The figure of the man looks to have blond hair color and seems to lower his black mask because there is a cigarette on his lips. The figure also only wore sandals without socks.

This portrait immediately got a lot of oblique comments. The reason is, borrowing a lighter from an unknown woman is considered very negative and seems to be deliberately tempting. Even so, many do not immediately believe that the figure is Jake. The reason, the portrait is not clearly visible face. In addition, HYBE Labels as Jake’s agency has also not provided any response regarding this issue.

” Borrowing a lighter is not just to borrow matches, but because he naturally lowers his mask and shows his face, he’s ‘hunting’… There’s no way he’d be walking around Itaewon in public just to borrow a cigarette lighter because time was running out loll, ” said one of the Knetz. ” Is the agency not taking care of their idols lately? ” another exclaimed. ” Maybe the girl is beautiful …, ” explained another. ” He has a lot of money, so he has to buy a 500 won (lighter) and use it. Why would an idol borrow a match from a girl who he thinks is beautiful? ” explained another.

” He smokes??? It’s from when? ” asked another. ” It’s no big deal he smokes because he’s an adult. But asking a girl for a cigarette lighter is a bit too much, ” another critic. ” Did a sasaeng take this photo? ” said another. ” Please upload the explanation, Jake TT, ” another pleaded. ” Wow, this is legendary … if he does that, I feel fans will lose feelings for him and leave the fandom, ” said another.

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