ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon Calls Jang Won Young IVE The Number 1 MC In His Heart

Due To IVE Promotions In Japan, Jang Won Young Was Absent From Being An MC For ‘Music Bank’. In The Latest Episode Footage, Sung Hoon Reveals How Lonely He Is Without Jang Won Young.

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon and IVE ‘s Jang Won Young are still working together as MCs for “Music Bank”. In the latest episode of the KBS program which was broadcast on Friday (12/8), Sunghoon seemed to tease his co-worker.

Due to IVE promotions in Japan, Jang Won Young was absent from being an MC of “Music Bank”. In last week’s episode, Sunghoon hosted the show accompanied by a substitute MC, namely actress Park Ji Hu who is on the rise for starring in “All of Us Are Dead”.

In the latest episode of “Music Bank”, Sung Hoon revealed how lonely he was without Jang Won Young. “Won Young, do you know how empty I have felt since you weren’t here last week?” asked Sunghoon.

“You feel it? Okay, I understand,” replied Jang Won Young. “You do not miss me?” asked Sunghoon. But Jang Won Young expressed his jealousy. “I saw you having fun with the substitute MC,” said Jang Won Young.

“You are a part of Jangkku, but you made “Jakku”? Gosh,” continued Jang Won Young. “Oh come on. Were you jealous when you watched last week? It was adorable,” replied Sunghoon. But it can’t make their idol jealous.

Sunghoon also changed his strategy by beating Jang Won Young. “Wow. Because you’re dressed in red, you’re really a very cute cherry bunny! The number one MC in my heart is Jang Wonyoung! The number one group in my heart is IVE!” said Sunghoon.

Sunghoon’s talk made Jang Won Young shocked. “Huh? Your number one group is IVE? How about ENHYPEN?” asked Jang Won Young. “ENHYPEN is a zero! Group of zeros!” Sunghoon replied casually.

Meanwhile, Sunghoon’s ploy for Jang Won Young is of course part of the script that the “Music Bank” team has prepared. But fans still love their adorable and funny chemistry and interactions. What do you think?

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