Enjoy the best home theater experience with this LG Smart TV: 65 inches and Dolby Vision at an all-time low price at MediaMarkt

These weeks a large number of series have been released on the main streaming services, and we have finally been able to see the first part of the fourth season of Stranger Things and the first chapters of Ms. Marvel . If you liked them as much as we did, but want to enjoy these series even more of the experience, be very careful with this offer, because MediaMarkt has left the 65-inch LG QNED Smart TV with Dolby Vision at a historically low price , and you can take it with you for 1,112.65 euros .

There are many of us who enjoy hours and hours watching movies and series from our homes, an essential habit during the hot summer hours. But on many occasions our experience is not the best we can have because we do not have a good team that keeps us immersed at all times. If you have felt identified, the LG TV offers everything you need to fully enjoy each movie or series, and also with a 15% discount at MediaMarkt.

If we want to have the best experience in image quality, a Smart TV must have a minimum of specifications to fully enjoy any movie or series, and this LG TV fulfills it perfectly, since it has the best in this aspect . This model comes with a 65-inch screen and 4K resolution , so we will have no problem seeing any scene with super sharp images. But, in addition, it has Dolby Vision , a format that has been established for years as a pioneer in terms of the best image quality, and HDR10 Pro, which is not the best on the market, but offers very sharp images and great depth in all times.

One of the big differences that we can see compared to other models or brands is that it has a Mini LED backlight , something that we have seen before and that offers much more precise lighting in each image. And this is something that goes hand in hand with the IPS panel , which is something that we should highlight because it allows us to have a very wide viewing angle, a good feature that comes in especially handy if we have a large living room, allowing us not to lose the quality of image regardless of the position in which we see the screen.

With as many devices as we can have at home, connectivity is something to keep in mind, whether it is to be able to add a sound bar, hard drives or even avoid annoying cables that always end up getting tangled. This is something that the LG Smart TV manages to pass with flying colors, because it has, first of all, a WebOS 6 operating system and a LAN or Wi-Fi port, where we can choose the way in which we want to connect the TV to the Internet. But, in addition, it also includes four HDMI 2.1 ports, whose performance is much higher than previous versions, three USB 2.0 ports and Bluetooth 5.0 , which allows us to connect devices without having to use cables.

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