Enthusiastic About Working Together, Director Gives Exorbitant Praise To Kim Woo Bin’s Acting In ‘Alienoid’

Recently, Director Choi Dong Hoon Revealed How He Felt Working With Kim Woo Bin In ‘Alienoid’. Check Out The Full Narrative Below.

Recently, director Choi Dong Hoon talked about Kim Woo Bin ‘s appearance in his latest film, ” Alienoid “. In particular, he expressed his happiness working with Kim Woo Bin after a long time.

First of all, director Choi Dong Hoon said, “I would have worked with him about six years ago. But I couldn’t do it because he was sick.”

The film he mentioned is “ Wiretap ” which is a remake of the Hong Kong film “ Overheard ”. Filming for the film was postponed after Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer in 2017.

Initially, director Choi Dong Hoon chose to wait for Kim Woo Bin to recover rather than find a replacement. But things didn’t go well so he ended up writing a new project called “Alienoid”.

The director explained, “When I was working on the script for ‘Alienoid’, Kim Woo Bin told me that he would be happy if he could play a small role in the new film. So I offered him the role of Guardian. Even though it was a small role at first, it eventually grew and became important part of this film.”

Director Choi Dong Hoon then explained that Kim Woo Bin had admitted that it was difficult to do extreme action scenes, given his health condition at that time. Although the director didn’t give him any action scenes at first, he eventually changed his mind.

“Since Woo Bin joined this job after his health fully recovered, he was able to do some intense action scenes. Besides, he did a great job with the scenes so we could all have fun,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Alienoid” is a science fiction action film. The story focuses on a Taoist who tries to retrieve a mysterious sword during the Goryeo dynasty. One day, aliens arrived on Earth and a time door connected to the future suddenly appeared. That’s why they ended up stuck in a chaotic situation.

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