Envy BTS Tajir Twisted Without Needing To Go To College To Find Work, Samsung Employees Are Angry

An Employee Of Samsung SDI Mentioned The Success Story Of Global Boy Group BTS And Expressed His Frustration That RM Tajir Had Left Without Going To College To Find A Job.

A Samsung employee expressed his envy towards BTS ( Bangtan Boys ). But the outpouring of his heart was actually flooded with criticism by netizens.

Recently, a Samsung SDI employee posted about BTS on Blind, an anonymous online community of Korean office workers where users have to verify their account using work email.

This employee mentioned the success story of the global boy group BTS and expressed their frustration. The post also caught the attention of netizens.

In particular, the employee expressed their jealousy with BTS from the title, “I feel like going crazy after seeing BTS buying a house.”

“Honestly, these guys (BTS) do what they want to do and make a lot of money because of luck. Even though I tried more than them. Did they take the CSAT? Did they go to college for four years?” he continued.

The employee then complained about the difficulty of owning a house of their own even though they had worked hard, day and night, leaving early in the morning.

“It’s hard for me to buy a house even if I keep doing things I don’t want to do and working hard. BTS is lucky to do what they like, and it makes me very angry. I feel like I’m going crazy,” he concluded.

The absurd story immediately received great criticism from netizens. Many defended BTS on the grounds that the members also worked very hard to get to where they are today.

“I’m sure BTS has tried much harder than you,” commented netizen. “If you feel life is unfair, just be an idol,” added another netizen. “Samsung must be in trouble. Has Samsung’s stock price gone down?” wrote netizens.

In general, the employee’s perspective is criticized as “biased” and “distorted”, as if the only way to succeed is to learn. Even though BTS did not take the CSAT (university entrance exam in South Korea), their hard work has been recognized by the whole world.

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