‘Eve’ Reaps Controversy For Discussing Genital Plastic Surgery

After Episode 3 Of ‘Eve’ With Ratings Of 15 Years And Over Aired, Concerns Over Unnecessary Scenes Such As Vaginal Plastic Surgery And Self-Harm Arose.

” Eve ” has only aired three episodes so far. However, the drama by tvN has again drawn controversy because of the story that was shown. In the third episode, “Eve” alludes to genital plastic surgery.

In the third episode broadcast on Wednesday (8/6), Han So Ra ( Yoo Sun ) was satisfied because after a long time she could feel intimate with her husband, Kang Yoon Gyeom ( Park Byung Eun ). But the husband actually imagined another woman.

While receiving the massage, Han So Ra asked the employee, “Don’t you think my skin looks better lately?” And the employee complimented Han So Ra’s skin which got better thanks to receiving a massage.

But Han So Ra who disagreed said, “Not massage, can’t you feel the effect of natural collagen? You don’t recognize the collagen that is naturally produced from being loved by your husband?”.

Han So Ra instructs the employee to find out about genital plastic surgery. Since the employee didn’t seem to understand the words, Han So-ra shouted, “You don’t know vaginoplasty? It’s so annoying.”

Another controversy was when Lee Ra El ( Seo Ye Ji ) tried to get closer to Kang Yoon Gyeom by capturing Han So Ra’s heart and was successfully invited to the man’s villa party.

Lee Ra El approached Kang Yoon Gyeom earnestly and said he wanted to fill the empty space inside the man. Kang Yoon Gyeom said, “What are you doing?” Trying to deny his feelings for Lee Ra El.

When Lee Ra El saw Kim Jung Chul ( Jung Hae Kyun ) appear at the party, the woman hurt herself out of anger and fear. Kang Yoon Gyeom who witnessed the scene said, “What are you burying in your heart? What is the hidden reason that makes you suffer like this? Who are you?” Instead of answering, the woman kissed Kang Yoon Gyeom’s lips.

After episode 3 with ratings of 15 years and over aired, concerns over unnecessary scenes such as vaginal plastic surgery and self-harm arose. This drama also experienced a drop in ratings to 3 percent.

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