Ever Experiencing Depression, Luna F(X) Doesn’t Want To Repeat Life When She Was A K-Pop Idol

Previously, F(X)’S Luna Publicly Revealed About Her Mental Health Condition That Made Her In Difficult Times And Now She Has Made Up Her Mind Not To Be Like That Again.

Having a strong mental health for an idol is important. In fact, maintaining mental health in order to stay awake requires special things.

Likewise with Luna f(x) who had experienced difficult times regarding her mental health. In her latest upload, Luna expressed her anxiety when alone.

“When I’m so afraid of being alone because I like to be ‘together’, it seems the time has come when I really have to stand alone,” Luna wrote in her upload. From the upload, it seems that Luna wants to show how she wants to change her lifestyle.

“I can’t write it all down because it was a night with so many thoughts, but it’s time to really focus on myself. I’ve been disengaging with mental illness for too long, so now I have to stand up. I’ll endure any obstacle. I can do that,” Luna wrote.

If tracing the past, Luna revealed that she decided not to want to repeat her life when she was still a K-Pop idol. Luna insisted on removing it because it had a big impact on her mental health.

“I’m too young and not enough to break the ‘prejudice’. I have to work harder to do better to be perfect and strong to meet their standards. Now I want to acknowledge myself rather than the approval of others,” Luna wrote later.

Finally, Luna hypnotized herself to continue to love herself completely. “I have always been a person who loves me very much and did my best to acknowledge me. When I was active as an idol, I seemed to have worked hard to death because I wanted to be recognized by others. I will not live like that anymore,” said another.

“I cried and laughed because I always have fans, thank you. It’s nice that I’m not alone tonight,” said Luna later.

As is known, Luna admitted on August 24 via her personal Instagram that it was difficult even to stand on stage due to depression and panic disorder for 3 years. Shortly after being posted, content related to panic disorder and depression was removed.

In 2020, Luna admitted to suffering from panic disorder after suddenly losing two of her friends. He appeared on MBC’s “Human Documentary People is Good” to share his inner story. He showed off his solid singing skills as the main vocalist in the group. She is currently expanding her career as a singer-actress.

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