EXO’s Kai And IU’s New Photoshoot For Clothing Brands Lacking Chemistry?

In The Photos Circulating, Kai And IU Are Seen Wearing Coats, In Gray And Pink, Respectively. The Two Singers Both Showed Impressive Visuals With Their Poses.

Since last year, Kai EXO and IU have been appointed as advertising models for the clothing brand BLACKYAK. Recently, the brand released new photo shoots featuring the two famous and talented singers.

In the photos circulating, Kai and IU are seen wearing coats, in gray and pink, respectively. The singers, who were born in 1994 and 1993 respectively, both showed impressive visuals with their poses.

One of the photos shows IU and Kai leaning on each other’s shoulders while looking at the camera. While in another photo, IU looks at Kai, but the dancer just averts her eyes.

These photos of IU and Kai for the BLACKYAK brand have also become a topic of conversation for netizens in the Instiz online community. Instead of being irritated with their sweet poses, netizens commented that their photo shoot lacked chemistry. But there are also those who think it’s good.

“This combination is a bit awkward but surprisingly good too, kekekeke,” commented netizen. “No, but Kai’s expression, kekekeke. Why does he look like he’s edited…” said another netizen. “No but the second photo, kekekeke. Kim Jongin looks like he’s avoiding IU, kekeke,” said another.

“The second photo, please look at IU a little bit, kekeke,” said netizens. “No, but their photos are so different that they look edited, kekeke,” another commented. “But even IU looks like she’s staring into the void, kekeke. Where are those two looking at?” added another.

Meanwhile, Kai is currently busy with schedules in Japan where he is one of the singers performing at the “SMTOWN LIVE 2022” concert in Tokyo. Meanwhile, IU was recently rumored to be starring in a new drama.

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