Fantagio Accused Of Choosing Love For ASTRO, Netizens Argue About Cha Eunwoo And Moonbin

The ASTRO Members May Shine Individually, And Cha Eunwoo Stands Out The Most. However, Netizens Still Feel That Fantagio Does Not Treat The 1997-Born Idol Well.

Fantagio was accused of favoritism to ASTRO members . This led to conflicts between fans of each member, especially Cha Eunwoo and Moonbin .

ASTRO debuted in 2016 with six members, including Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, MJ , Jinjin , Sanha and Rocky . Nearly six years into their career, their success as a group is still not recognized.

The ASTRO members may shine individually, and Cha Eunwoo stands out the most. However, netizens still feel that Fantagio does not treat the 1997-born idol well.

“They never promote Cha Eunwoo’s individual activities. They also look so clearly showing that they don’t care about him,” wrote the OP on pann.

The OP suspected that Fantagio started to ignore Cha Eunwoo because there was a possibility that he would not renew the contract with the agency. Even though he debuted as an idol, what brought up Cha Eunwoo’s name was drama.

The OP thinks Cha Eunwoo might join the actor’s agency after the contract with Fatagio ends. That’s what makes the agency now more focused on promoting other members.

However, some netizens have different opinions. Although it may be true that Cha Eunwoo was treated unfairly in terms of promotions, the ASTRO member who was wasted the most is Moonbin.

Many feel Moonbin can be as successful as Cha Eunwoo if promoted properly. In terms of acting, the idol is even better rated. The visuals are no less pleasing to the eye than Cha Eunwoo.

There are also netizens who feel that it is better for ASTRO to be disbanded, because the members have qualified talents. Dissolution is also called the best way to resolve the issue of discrimination.

“Each ASTRO member has their own fans and everyone claims that their bias is discriminated against. In the end, I feel it would be better if the group just disbanded so we can solve this whole discrimination issue,” commented a netizen.

“I’m a fan of other groups and I really hope they push Moonbin more. He’s very charming, if only they pushed him more, he could be a big success. Moonbin is really a waste,” added another netizen.

“If Cha Eunwoo doesn’t start filming dramas, he won’t reach the level of recognition he has now. Drama is the same as public recognition. If you’re not at the level of BTS ( Bangtan Boys ), it all depends on the fandom,” said another.

“Moonbin is not considered a failure as an idol, but Cha Eunwoo’s recognition is still higher. But as idols, they have the same level of recognition,” concluded another.

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