Far From Simple Words, Lee Haeri Davinchi’s Wedding Cost An Exorbitant

The Wedding Was Held At The Luxurious Seoul Ambassador Hotel. The Five-Star Hotel Suite Room Serves As The Bride’s Dressing Room. Room Rates Are Around 4.00 Million KRW Per Night.

It’s no secret that the cost of weddings in Korea is quite expensive. Even in a 2017 report, Yonhap News reported that the average price of a wedding in the Ginseng Country reached more than USD 40,000 or around Rp. 599 million.

Due to the high cost, many couples choose to hold smaller ceremonies and celebrities are no exception. Among them are singer diva Lee Hyori to handsome actor Won Bin , both of whom are known to hold a smaller ceremony for their wedding.

But not all celebrity weddings choose simple weddings, Lee Haeri Davichi for example. On July 14, Entertainment Company Live KBS reported on the singer’s marriage. The event features wedding experts to estimate the cost of the wedding.

The wedding was held at the luxurious Seoul Ambassador Hotel. The five-star hotel suite room serves as the bride’s dressing room. Room rates are around 4.00 million KRW per night. The cost of holding a wedding ceremony in a hotel is a completely different matter. Wedding packages at the hotel start at around 30.0 million KRW, but seeing how the singer decorated the wedding hall with flowers and special lighting, an expert estimates it will cost around 50.0 million KRW.

Including lamps, chairs, and floral decorations Lee Haeri added that the wedding apparently cost about 50.0 million KRW. Lee Haeri made news for her beautiful wedding dress. The price of the dress is relatively modest 100 million KRW. The stars who attended the wedding included Jang Do Yeon, and singers Lee Juk, Lyn, and Baek Ji Young as the wedding singer and Davichi’s best friend and fellow member Kang Min Kyung also attended. Other stars who attended the beautiful reunion were national MCs Yoo Jae Seok , Jo Se Ho and singer Sunmi .

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