Fashion Airport Is Cool , Taeyong NCT Is Said To Wear Hijab To Like A Builder

NCT Leader Taeyong Succeeded In Making Indonesian Fans Wrongly Focus On His New Airport Fashion Because He Looked Like He Was Wearing A Hijab, What Do You Think?

Saturday, September 3, one of NCT’s sub-units, NCT 127 , is known to have left for Manila, Philippines. This is known to be for the NCT 127 THE LINK concert tour.

The airport fashion of the NCT 127 members is certainly the one that steals the attention of fans. NCT 127 itself looks casual for their new airport fashion .

NCT 127 itself looks compact without wearing any make-up at the airport. The appearance of the leader , Taeyong being the one who succeeded in making the wrong focus.

Taeyong himself appeared in dark clothes at his new airport fashion this time. He was seen wearing a gray short-sleeved shirt combined with matching denim trousers.

Taeyong also wore a baseball cap and airpods at the appearance. The handsome idol born in 1995 also appeared to be wearing a black backpack.

The funny thing is, Taeyong’s appearance immediately became a joke for Indonesian fans. This is because Taeyong is like wearing a hijab in his new airport fashion .

Taeyong did cover the face to the neck. In addition, he also appeared with a black mask. There are also those who say Taeyong’s style is like a farmer or a builder.

” Take off your veil Lee Taeyong, your wife deserves to see it, ” said a hilarious fan on Twitter . ” Mon, I’m sorry, but the fashion is like my brother, “I want to harvest rice, ” said another. ” I see it as a builder, who is working in the hot sun, sorry, Lee Taeyong, ” said another.

” It’s like a coolie who wakes up at home wearing a mask from his clothes, ” another exclaimed. ” I THINK THE VEIL GIRL, ” said another. ” The latest ninja hijab model, ” explained another. ” Suspicious Taeyong is now 1 circle with Song Mino , ” said another.

Even so, Taeyong’s outfit is indeed unique, equipped with a headgear. The shirt is a collection of the famous luxury brand, Givenchi. Taeyong’s shirt is a “T-shirt in embroidered jersey with overlapped effect” which is estimated to have a price of 1720 dollars or the equivalent of 25.61 million rupiah.

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