Finally Closeness Publication, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon-Lee Soo Hyuk And Lee Sung Kyung Hang Out Together!

The Trio Of YG Entertainment Artists, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, Lee Soo Hyuk, And Lee Sung Kyung Have Finally Shown Their Closeness After Being Under One Agency For A Long Time. Hang Out Together!

The closeness between BIG BANG ‘s G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk is known to be no secret. The two have been close since a few years ago and still hang out a lot to this day.

G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk, who were both born in 1988, certainly made them easy to get along with. Moreover, both of them were also under YG Entertainment from the start.

The surprising thing this time was that the two handsome celebrities didn’t just hang out together. Lee Soo Hyuk made fans excited when he finally showed his closeness with Lee Sung Kyung .

Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung have been predicted to be close to each other. Moreover, modeling and acting careers are not much different. In addition, Lee Sung Kyung is also a YG Entertainment family.

Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung often attend the same event. However, the two weren’t really photographed together and have never had a project together. Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung also never openly showed closeness before.

Yesterday, Tuesday (2/8) Lee Soo Hyuk surprised fans by sharing a portrait of the two of them with Lee Sung Kyung while attending the Chanel event. The two of them finally stood side by side officially. Lee Soo Hyuk also didn’t hesitate to tag Lee Sung Kyung’s personal Instagram account.

Unexpectedly, Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung also seemed to be spending time together after the Chanel event ended. Not only the two of them, they were together with G-Dragon at a restaurant filled with bottles of wine .

Lee Soo Hyuk was seen taking his two friends for a selfie together. Lee Soo Hyuk looked relaxed by wearing a black shirt at that time. Lee Sung Kyung looks simple in a white t-shirt. Meanwhile, G-Dragon is wearing a blue shirt.

Fans themselves admitted that they never thought that Lee Sung Kyung would be caught hanging out with Lee Soo Hyuk and G-Dragon. However, they admitted that they really liked it and hoped that the three of them would show their closeness again.

” Lee Sung Kyung came out with G-Dragon and Lee Soo Hyuk was totally unexpected but really liked it, ” I wrote one fan on Twitter. ” Lee Sung Kyung going out with Lee Soo Hyuk and G-Dragon is something I never thought I would need, ” said another. ” WAAAAHHHH Lee Soo Hyuk with GD and Lee Sung Kyung, ” another exclaimed.

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