First TWICE Member Debuts Solo, Nayeon Admits She’s Stressed And Afraid To Sing Alone

As One Of The TWICE Members Who Had The Opportunity To Debut Solo First, Nayeon Couldn’t Hide Her Nervousness About This. Not To Mention When He Had To Appear Alone On Stage.

Nayeon is the first TWICE member to release her solo album after 7 years of debut. Thanks to being the first time, Nayeon couldn’t deny that she was under more pressure.

On Friday (24/6), NAYEON held a press conference for his first solo album “IM NAYEON” which has garnered high enthusiasm from fans. How not, the number of pre-orders for her solo album was recorded to reach 500 thousand copies, which is a big achievement for female solo singers. During the press conference, Nayeon realized that she was already known to the public as a member of TWICE.

“The public is used to seeing me as a member of TWICE, and I’m sure there is a special image of me in people’s minds. I try not to accentuate that image too much, while trying to show a different side of myself at the same time. the thing I pay attention to the most when I’m preparing for my solo album,” he said confidently.

Then, Nayeon revealed that because she was the first member of TWICE to go solo, she felt really pressured at first. “Not only did I feel pressured, but I also felt that it was not easy to do everything myself. Especially when I was recording my songs and practicing dance moves,” he later said.

“There are many members in TWICE, so I’ve never recorded all the songs myself or danced by myself. It turns out that I’m also afraid to sing alone,” he explained admitting that he was afraid to sing alone. Despite experiencing difficulties, Nayeon also shared how she coped well.

“I kept trying my best to enjoy the whole trip as much as I could, and I’m slowly learning how to sing in my own way. I also realized how much I love singing,” he said.

Nayeon also expressed her feelings about releasing her solo album. It’s different when being part of a group, Nayeon feels that there are times as a member of the group when she feels there are limits, but she went through it with “IM NAYEON” and caused her a lot of fun.

“With this album, I hope to be able to tell everyone that each TWICE member has a different color, and make them look forward to solo albums from other TWICE members,” he said later.

Meanwhile, “IM NAYEON” has been officially released on June 24. This album consists of 7 title tracks, one of which is Nayeon collaborating with Felix Stray Kids .

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