For The Sake Of Totality, Chaeryeong ITZY Is Diligent In Practicing The Natural Smile Of This Idol Group

The Comeback Concept Of The Song ‘Sneakers’ Actually Made ITZY Have To Appear Cheerful, But Unfortunately Chaeryeong Had Difficulties So She Had To Train Hard First.

Having a bright and charming smile can be the hallmark of an idol. However, who would have thought to have a beautiful and bright smile takes practice for some time.

This was experienced by ITZY ‘s Chaeryeong who admitted that he had to practice to get a beautiful smile. This secret was revealed when ITZY appeared on JTBC’s ” Knowing Bros “.

ITZY talked about the most difficult part of promoting their new song “Sneakers”. Openly, Chaeryeong answered practicing smiling was the hardest part.

“Before we were able to express our emotions along with loud choreography thanks to the charismatic concept of the songs, but now we have to keep smiling despite the intense movements,” he said on the show that aired on August 6.

Chaeryeong had another reason why there was the hardest part when filming the “Sneakers” music video. It was revealed that this smile pose is not like the previous dark songs because “Sneakers” depicts a bright and positive atmosphere.

That’s the reason why ITZY must practice to have a bright smile. And unfortunately, Chaeryeong found it difficult to do this.

Kang Ho Dong asked if he took lessons on how to keep smiling. And yes, Chaeryeong said she watched a lot of videos of her seniors which was Red Velvet ‘s Joy .

“I often refer to Red Velvet’s Joy because she has the most beautiful and natural smile,” said Cheryeong praising the member from Red Velvet.

Please note that the concept of “Sneakers” with the mini album “Checkmate” has a different plot. It is known that the concept of the title track “Sneakers” actually has a very bright, colorful and very bright concept. In fact, the concept of the album “Checkmate” is a little darker with the black and white color and the elegant and mysterious style displayed in the appearance of the members. Apart from that, ITZY’s comeback this time still received enthusiasm from fans.

Meanwhile, “Sneakers” is ITZY’s comeback which was released in mid-July. As the members said, this song has a cheerful and refreshing aura that can make listeners addicted.

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