Girl Group ALICE’s Struggle Almost Can’t Go Home Due To Floods In South Korea

Heavy Rains That Flushed The South Korean Area Caused Severe Flooding So That The Girl Group ALICE Under The IOK Company Agency Struggled Hard To Be Able To Return Home.

From August 8 to 9, South Korea experienced high rainfall, especially in the central region including Seoul. The heavy rain that caused severe flooding has become an unexpected disaster for South Koreans themselves.

A number of losses to the safety of Korean people’s lives are concerning because of this flood disaster. And many people have had a scary experience after a flash flood was carried out.

The rookie girl group ALICE recently shared their experiences when they were in the middle of a flood situation on Wednesday (10/8). According to Ilgan Sports, the experience of the ALICE members was heart-wrenching because they were in a heavy rain situation.

At the time of the incident, ALICE’s position was in their practice room which was located near Gangnam-daero 122-gil. Reports on the ground state that this area is the place that has suffered the most from heavy rains.

After having dinner and practicing choreography in the practice room, the ALICE members found out too late that the situation outside their building was at its worst during the flood. Finally, they immediately went home with the staff.

The situation was captured in a short live video report at the time. It looks like the ALICE members are walking on a street filled with rain. And to his worry, they were walking in the middle of the water that had reached their knees.

On the way, there was an incident between them almost being swept away by being swept away by a current of water which made one of them fall. However, it has been confirmed that both the ALICE members and the staff have returned home safely and unscathed.

“I can hardly go home,” said Sohee, one of the ALICE members on her Instagram account. Of course, the experience cannot be simply forgotten considering the water that caused the flood was quite severe.

When heavy rains lashed Seoul and Gyeonggi Province for two days from August 8 to 9, 3,430 houses and shopping malls were flooded in Seoul. It was reported that a total of 224 roads were flooded as well as 10 landslides. For this, the Seoul Metropolitan Government provided emergency assistance of 30 billion won to the autonomous districts to recover the impacted losses as soon as possible.

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