Girls’ Generation Has This Opinion About Aespa, Give Suggestions To Get Closer To Them

Rolling Stone Asked If There Was A New Group They Joined Regularly Or One That Reminded Them Of Their Old Self. They Couldn’t Help But Mention Aespa.

Along with their comeback, Girls’ Generation had an interview with Rolling Stone. Here, they are talking about a junior group and as a group made by SM Entertainment, they seem to be paying attention to aespa .

Rolling Stone asked if there was a new group they joined regularly or one that reminded them of their old self. Sunny admits to being proud whenever she sees a younger girl group, but also wonders if there’s anything I can do for them.

“I don’t want to be too nosy, so I try not to approach them first, but I hope they know that I’m always watching from afar with open arms, so if you guys need anything, don’t hesitate to look for me,” Sunny said.

Hyoyeon said, “I worked with Karina and Winter aespa as part of GOT the beat, so I kept an eye on them. It’s great to see them promoting overseas too. ” Tiffany was the same as her, saying, “I watched Aespa too! It was fun to watch and learn about their production visually and musically.”

Tae Yeon also expressed his affection for his junior girl group. I also really like aespa. I watch their promotions closely. Also, when I see a new group, the freshness they have is very similar to how we were when Girls’ Generation first debuted. A no-makeup look with plain hair, it made me think about Girls’ Generation,” said Tae Yeon.

Known for their close relationship with one another, Girls’ Generation was asked to share tips or advice for a new group that wasn’t as close as they were. Suny emphasized that mutual respect is very important.

“It’s important to remember that your members are people who have had the same experience as you, and therefore can understand you well. It’s also important to respect and accept each other for who they are,” he said.

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