Go Kyung Pyo Suddenly Discusses ‘Reply 1988’ In ‘Seoul Vibe’ Preskon, Why?

Go Kyung Pyo Also Talked About The Drama ‘Reply 1988’ While Attending The ‘Seoul Vibe’ Press Conference On Tuesday (23/8) Today. Check Out The Full Statement Below.

On Tuesday (23/8), Go Kyung Pyo attended the press conference for his new film entitled ” Seoul Vibe “. On this occasion, he also touched on the drama ” Reply 1988 ” which he starred in in the past.

For information, “Seoul Vibe” and “Reply 1988” have one thing in common, which is that they both take place in 1988. However, both of them have completely different genres and that makes Go Kyung Pyo very interested.

Go Kyung Pyo said, “I’m happy to be working with Yoo Ah In again. Since I’ve tried to live in 1988 in the drama ‘Reply 1988’, I want to live in 1988 with a new look.”

Go Kyung Pyo then talked about his character named Woo Sam. He explained, “He calls himself a spy, but his job is a DJ. But he was an indispensable role in the film.”

Besides Go Kyung Pyo, director Moon Hyun Sung also revealed the background details of this film. He explained, “The 1980s, especially in 1988, seemed to be an era where light and dark contradicted each other and coexisted in Korea’s modern history.”

“I thought if I did something with a hip-hop concept on top of that backdrop, I’d be able to make a variety of films and shows. We put a lot of settings like that in the film as a key link to naturally connect 1988 with a fictional story that really really new,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Seoul Vibe” tells the story of the drivers of the Sanggye Supreme Team who are involved in the investigation of the VIP’s illicit fund operation. This problem began when there was an illegal movement of funds along with a car chase in the city during the opening of the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.

In addition to Go Kyung Pyo and Yoo Ah In, this film also stars a number of famous names. Like Lee Kyu Hyung , Park Ju Hyun , Ong Sung Woo , Kim Sung Kyun , Oh Jung Se and many more. The plan, the film will be released on Netflix on August 26.

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