Gong Hyo Jin Is Married To Brondong, The Mother’s Words About Not Needing To Get Married Are Highlighted

Management SOOP’s Agency Said That Gong Hyo Jin And Kevin Oh Will Be Holding A Private Wedding In October With Only Close Relatives And Acquaintances Present.

Gong Hyo Jin will soon be releasing her single life. The 1980-born actress will marry singer Kevin Oh , who is 10 years younger than her. They are reported to be getting married in October 2022.

Following the news of Gong Hyo Jin’s marriage, the actress’s mother’s words again received the spotlight. Because the mother of the drama star ” When the Camellia Blooms ” revealed advice so that the daughter does not need to get married because she already has a lot of things.

In one episode of ” House on Wheels “, Gong Hyo Jin, who was a guest at the time, revealed that her parents lived upstairs but never visited her. “My parents never come to my place,” said Gong Hyo Jin.

“This is true independence. I often visit my parents’ house to eat,” he added. The star of the drama ” Jealousy Incarnate ” later said his mother told him it was better to live alone.

Gong Hyo Jin said, “My mother told me, ‘You have work to do, and you don’t have to retire because of anyone your whole life. You have many friends who work in the same field as you, so living alone is better. What’s the point of getting married? ?”

The actress was even asked by her mother not to learn to cook. When Gong Hyo Jin asked for the recipe, her mother casually replied, “Don’t study (the recipe). You can live well even without knowing how to cook.”

On the other hand, Management SOOP’s agency said that Gong Hyo Jin and Kevin Oh will hold a private wedding in October with only their close relatives and acquaintances present. “We ask for your generous understanding for not being able to share detailed schedules and locations,” the agency said.

But in a separate statement on his personal Instagram account, Kevin Oh revealed that he would marry Gong Hyo Jin in his homeland, America. “For selfish reasons, I want to celebrate in front of my family. I hope you understand,” wrote Kevin Oh.

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