Goosebumps, Knetz’s Allegation Is Right About Nam Yoon Sung NOIR ‘Blind Item’ Idol Persecution Of Ex-Girlfriend

Nam Yoon Sung NOIR Was Revealed To Be A ‘Blind Item’ Idol Who Was Said To Have Received A Suspended Sentence For Threatening And Molesting A Former Lover Who Refused To Meet.

Previously, K-Pop fans were excited with a ” blind item ” that said an idol was the perpetrator of violence against his ex-lover. The idol threatens with a knife, breaks into houses, and drags his ex-lover who refuses to meet.

This idol was sentenced to 1 year in prison with 2 years probation. In addition, this idol was also sentenced to 80 hours of community service.

The media did not immediately reveal the name of the idol and only gave characteristics. The idol was revealed to be a former participant of ” Produce 101 ” season 2 who debuted Wanna One . He is said to be between 27 years old, it can be said that he was born in 1995 or 1996 depending on the calculation of Korean or international age. Then, the idol was revealed to debut in the group in 2018.

Since this report was revealed, Knetz has been busy guessing the idol figure in question. The reason is, with this attitude, it is considered not worthy of support as an idol.

Knetz through the online community dragged the name Nam Yoon Sung NOIR because it was considered very fitting with the characteristics of the idol. Knetz also asked the media to openly mention the problematic idol figure.

Shortly after guessing Knetz, the media actually released that Nam Yoon Sung was an idol who got punished for molesting his ex-lover.

Nam Yoon Sung is known to be one of the participants in “Produce 101″ season 2 but left early due to health problems. He is born August 19, 1996.

Nam Yoon Sung then debuted in the 9-member group NOIR in 2018. He got the position as the lead vocal , rapper , and visual in the group.

Meanwhile, LUK Factory, which is Nam Yoon Sung’s agency, has not yet responded to the media who have bluntly named their artist. Previously, Nam Yoon Sung was hard to believe as the culprit because it was reported that he was filming the boys love (BL) movie ” Oh! My Assistant ” recently.

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