‘Gym Boy’, 10 Portraits Of Yoon Seulgi’s Body Goals Yoon Jisung’s Sister Who Stole The Focus On ‘DNA Mate’

Yoon Seulgi Stole Attention For Appearing In The Trailer For The Upcoming Episode Of ‘DNA Mate’ Recently. Yoon Jisung’s Sister, Former Wanna One, Is Known To Have A Fit Body And Body Goals Because She Likes To Exercise.

Yoon Seulgi began to steal attention when Yoon Jisung competed in the Mnet survival program ” Produce 101 ” season 2 which was held in 2017. He is also praised for having super beautiful visuals like idols and actresses. It doesn’t stop there, like his older brother, Yoon Seulgi also has a funny personality and always calls Yoon Jisung “Jisung-ssi” instead of oppa (older brother).

In the footage of the upcoming episode of ” DNA Mate “, Yoon Seulgi appeared as a guest and showed off her sweet relationship with Yoon Jisung. The reason is, they also have a funny “Tom and Jerry” relationship because they often fight over small things. However, Yoon Seulgi showed her sweet side when revealing her dependence on her brother.

Yoon Seulgi’s presence and her sweet interaction with Yoon Jisung drew the attention of netizens. Active on Instagram, Yoon Seulgi often shows her activities while exercising. No wonder he is so fit and has the ideal body goals for women. Like what? Check out the following:

1. Diligent To The Fitness Center

Seeing from his Instagram upload, Yoon Seulgi often does exercises at the fitness center. At the end, he will always document it by doing a mirror selfie. Yoon Seulgi usually does a series of moves that suit her, one of which is squad. Judging from the caption, he looks happy to be able to spend time in the gym to exercise.

2. Fit And Slim

Diligent exercise makes Yoon Seulgi more fit. He also has an hourglass body shape as well as abs in the stomach. Efforts do not betray the results, thanks to his exercise habits, Yoon Seulgi managed to have ideal body goals.

3. Loves Outdoor Activities

Climbing a mountain is not an easy matter. It takes consistency and stamina to reach the top. Yoon Seulgi also likes to climb mountains, you know. On several occasions he will show the moment when he was on the mountain as in the moment above. Showing her body goals, Yoon Seulgi wore a combination of a black crop top with similar training pants.

4. Matches Casual Dress Style

Yoon Seulgi looked stylish in her casual outfit, a mix of jeans with a variety of styles. It looks like the OOTD wraps his body just right. It seems that Yoon Seulgi is spending her time going out to hangout.

5. Have A Slim Stomach

Yoon Seulgi showed her body goals in a flowery dress that fit her body. She looks beautiful and charming in this dress. Yoon Seulgi paid close attention to the calorie intake that entered her body. This can be seen from the caption where he highlights the calories that enter the body and about a healthy diet.

6. Supported By Healthy Food

Yoon Seulgi looked happy enjoying her hangout time. He is known to often spend time traveling alone or with friends. On several occasions, he will show the menu of healthy foods that are consumed when they go out. Instead of just junk food, Yoon Seulgi usually orders food with a combination of vegetables in it.

7. Actively Exercising

Yoon Seulgi is known to have a dog which she named Vero. Not infrequently he invites the pet to play together and go for a walk. As in the moment above, he is seen inviting Vero to go around with enthusiasm. Judging from the clothes he was wearing, it seemed that Yoon Seulgi was after exercising at the venue.

8. Hiking At Bukhasan Mountain

On March 27, 2021, Yoon Seulgi climbed Mount Bukhasan. He wore a sporty outfit that combined leggings with a black t-shirt. Yoon Seulgi was seen uploading two different photos where she was standing on one of the rocks and in front of the South Korean flag. Very energetic!

9. Appear With A Feminine Look

Usually looks sporty, Yoon Seulgi manglingi with her feminine style. At the moment above, she wore a short skirt combined with a crop top and complemented it with adorable heels. Yoon Seulgi wrapped body goals with mamba-style outfits. He seemed to be in a shopping mall.

10. She’s Beautiful When She’s Taking Photos

Yoon Seulgi seems to be a model for one of the clothing brands in South Korea. He cheerfully promoted it and wore the outfit beautifully. Yoon Seulgi looks flawless and level in the portrait above. No wonder he is said to have idol-like visuals.

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