Han Stray Kids In Pain After Falling Due To Crowded Crowds At The Airport

This Isn’t The First Time That Such A Crowd-Fed Incident Has Occurred. Previously, Felix Had Experienced This And Now Han Had To Feel It.

Stray Kids members have recently drawn fans’ concerns for experiencing unpleasant events. Stray Kids who were suddenly mobbed upon their arrival in Korea actually caused Han to fall in the middle of a large crowd before being escorted away by the members and his security.

Recently, Stray Kids seemed to have finished their overseas activities and returned to South Korea. As usual, fans who wanted to meet their idol came to the airport and made a crowd.

In fact, the crowd caused Han to fall to the floor hitting his hands. This is not the first time such an incident has occurred, and as such it has once again raised questions about the safety and behavior of fans at the airport.

Earlier in January, a similar incident occurred when Stray Kids was on their way to Saudi Arabia to perform with Chungha in Riyadh. As the members entered Incheon airport, the huge crowd of fans and paparazzi were so chaotic that Felix finally fell to the ground.

Fans and idols alike have spoken out against this dangerous crowd behavior in the past, including Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan himself . In one of his regular live streams, Bang Chan commented that respecting personal space is important for everyone’s safety, not just for the group.

However, Stray Kids was again mobbed when they arrived in Korea from their “MANIAC” tour in Japan. And this time, it was Han who was pushed to the ground. Media camera footage shows Han emerging from the crowd clutching his arm after falling.

The security guards did their best to keep fans away from him. Meanwhile he was helped by a manager and Seungmin who had walked in front but turned to help when he saw the commotion. Han looks in pain as they continue walking as they are still surrounded by fans and paparazzi.

Regardless, Han still reassured fans later that he wasn’t hurt which fans thought was heartbreaking and unfair to him. In fact, even though Han said it was fine, it didn’t mean that there was nothing wrong with this incident. And it’s not just the masses of fans and paparazzi that take criticism. Netizens criticized JYP Entertainment for repeatedly failing to protect Stray Kids’ privacy.

Not only that, many of their other artists are routinely mobbed at the airport. As more than one Stray Kids member has fallen due to the crowd’s dangerous behavior, netizens are questioning how far JYP Entertainment will go before they choose to let their artist travel safely.

Seeing this incident, fans hope that Stray Kids and other artists’ personal boundaries will be paid more attention to in the future. This needs to be done because in order to avoid potentially dangerous incidents such as Han’s fall in the crowd, it doesn’t keep happening.

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