Hanni NewJeans Is Said To Be Similar To The Late Sulli When Singing Live ‘Attention’

Hanni NewJeans Was Revealed By Many Fans To Look Very Similar To The Late Sulli When Giving A Special Appearance Bringing ‘Attention’ For Debut Promotions.

NewJeans is currently busy with their debut promotion. NewJeans is known to be the first artist in the HYBE Labels subsidiary, ADOR which is held by Min Hee Jin.

The five members of NewJeans are Minji , Hanni , Haerin , Danielle , and Hyein . The five are known to have been born from 2004 to 2008.

Recently, NewJeans surprised fans by performing “Attention” live with the band’s accompaniment on the YouTube content it’s Live. Fans were also busy giving praise for Minji cs’ ability to bring “Attention” directly which was no less good than the recorded version.

One of the fan accounts then shared a moment when Hanni looked happy when he brought “Attention” live. Hanni looks sweet and full of smiles in the video .

Unexpectedly, many fans revealed that Hanni reminded the late Sulli . Hanni is said to have a very similar face to Sulli.

” He looks like Sulli , ” said one fan. ” That’s what I think too! Especially when he wears bangs, ” said another. ” He reminds me of Sulli! ” I said. ” Same! Especially the smile, ” explained another.

” He reminds me of Sulli, ” said another. ” When he smiled, he immediately looked like late Sulli… his warm smile made him feel comfortable, ” explained another. ” She reminds me of Sulli .., ” another exclaimed.

Meanwhile, NewJeans itself officially debuted on August 1 with the release of “Cookie”. However, previously NewJeans was introduced by releasing “Attention” and “Hype Boy”. Currently, NewJeans is the youngest group in HYBE Labels to debut a few months after LE SSERAFIM .

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