How HYBE Employees Treat ENHYPEN And Fans When Fansign Shocks, Why?

Recently There Was A Netizen Who Claimed To Have Received Unpleasant Treatment While Attending The ENHYPEN Fansign. Check Out The Full Story And Review Below.

The way HYBE employees treat ENHYPEN members and fans during their fansign has been in the spotlight of a number of South Korean netizens. This started when a netizen (A) vented about experiencing unpleasant treatment while attending the event.

A shared, “I will tell you about ENHYPEN’s fansign. I recommend this to anyone who likes to spend a lot of money to be treated badly, people who are just rich and to people who love ENHYPEN so much that they want to see it up close.”

A said that the ENHYPEN members treat fans very well. However, employees and event organizers pointed out different things, because they set various “unreasonable” rules during the event.

He said, “When you receive autographs, you have to write nicknames for the members and can’t make them write something like ‘Sunghoonie/Heeseungie/XX-ie’.”

“You can only use their stage names like Sunghoon , Jay , Heeseung . Do I really need to come this far after spending so much money? This is a bastard,” he added.

A continued, “You can’t give them the letter directly and you can’t give them any items directly. You have to put it in the box associated with the member and after that, the member can choose whatever they want from that box.”

The fansign doesn’t even last for an hour and a half. They even have a timer behind them that counts the time every 1 minute. So if you spend more than 0.1 seconds, they will hide the members’ faces. People are arguing about going to the fansign them, and I advise you to think harder.”

To prove his words, the netizen included a photo of an officer while covering the faces of the ENHYPEN members in front of fans who were running out of time. This situation does look impolite, especially since fans have spent a lot of money to be able to attend the event.

After being uploaded, the post immediately became a hot topic among South Korean netizens. Many were surprised to see how bad agency employees treated fans at fansign.

“Wow, my mood will be ruined,” said one netizen. “Wow, this is very rude,” added another netizen. “This is a face-to-face fansign?? This is very funny. I don’t know who this is, but the company sucks with their work,” said another.

“Huh? So if they exceed the time limit, they will hide their face??” another netizen said. “Idols must feel uncomfortable too,” added another. “It’s a strange job. They hate fans but they get money from fans,” said another.

“I think actions like that also hinder the idol,” said another netizen. “Kids are still beginners and they treat fans very well. Why is their company like that,” said another netizen. “This is the first time I’ve seen something like this. It’s legendary haha,” quipped another netizen.

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