How Jang Won Young IVE Eats Strawberries Reaps Controversy, KOMCA Opens U

While Munching On Fruit With The IVE Members, Jang Won Young Was Seen Holding A Strawberry With Two Hands And Maintaining A Pretty Expression While Eating.

The ” Omniscient Interfering Point ” program recently invited IVE members and their managers as guest stars. In the various moments shown on the program, there is one that immediately becomes a controversy.

The moment showed the IVE members gathered in the living room, munching on fruits. In particular, Jang Won Young is seen holding a strawberry with two hands and maintaining a pretty expression while eating.

Right after the program aired, “Jang Won Young’s strawberry mukbang” went viral on the internet. Many netizens claimed that Wonyoung was “acting for the camera” and mocked his “fake attitude”.

This controversy seems to have been commented on by Choi Kwang Ho, general secretary of the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) who recently appeared on the YouTube channel “OK POP!!” to discuss the success of IVE.

Choi Kwang Ho was confused because he didn’t see the problem with the way Jang Won Young was holding or eating the strawberries. “It’s just eating strawberries. This is a strawberry the size of a fist,” said Choi Kwang Ho.

Choi Kwang Ho then continued, “Do you expect idols from girl groups to eat strawberries with one hand and say, ‘So delicious?’ There’s no way he’d act like that.”

“So people saw that scene and posted some bad comments? So considering things like this, I don’t think it’s easy to be an idol,” continued Choi Kwang Ho.

Choi Kwang Ho concluded his comment by saying, “No matter what they do, they will be cursed. I also eat large ones with both hands.”

Meanwhile, Jang Won Young is currently not only busy with group IVE activities but also working as an MC for the program ” Music Bank “. He hosted the show with ENHYPEN ‘s Sunghoon . Don’t miss out on providing support.

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