How Jisung NCT Sees Fans Suddenly Makes Baper

NCT’s Jisung Immediately Made Other NCTZen Melt Because Of The Way He Saw Lucky Fans Who Were Able To Meet For Winning The ‘Beatbox’ Challenge.

Recently, one of NCT’s sub-units, NCT Dream , was found to have created reaction content for the ” Beatbox” challenge carried out by fans on social media. NCT Dream claimed to be touched by the fans who enlivened their comeback with great enthusiasm.

Three NCT Dream fans even had the opportunity to meet the idol in person for winning the “Beatbox” challenge . These fans can even dance with several NCT Dream members.

The lucky fan did the “Beatbox” challenge directly with NCT Dream. The members who did the “Beatbox” dance with fans were Jeno , Haechan , Chenle , and Jisung .

The video was shared via NCT’s official TikTok account. The video has been widely shared by many fans through their personal social media accounts.

Fans then highlighted the attitude of one of the NCT Dream members, Jisung. The reason is, Jisung looks very concerned about a fan dancing in front of him.

Jisung was seen smiling at the fans. The handsome idol born in 2002 looks proud of his fans.

Other fans claimed to be jealous of the NCTZen that Jisung saw. ” If Jisung saw me like THAT, I would faint, ” said one fan who shared a video of Jisung watching fans.

” How does it feel to be looked at by Jisung, ” said one fan. “I swear, he said the girl was talking to Jisung and then laughing and even singing to Jisung, I’m already burnt, how about that, ” said another. ” His gaze is jisung, don’t be jealous, sijeni, ” another exclaimed. ” HOW DOES IT FEEL IN AYANG JISUNG MBA’s LYRICS???IRI WOIII, ” said another.

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