How To Promote SM Culture Universe Through A Speech At The UN High-Level Political Forum

In A Recent Aespa Speech At The 2022 UN High-Level Political Forum, Giselle Proved That The Implications Of The World Of Their Stories Extend Even Beyond The Boundaries Of K-Pop Alone.

As is known, the girl group from SM Entertainment Aespa has developed the SM Culture Universe (SMCU) through their music videos, virtual avatars, and a series of videos depicting Aespa’s adventures in the story world. The knowledge behind the SMCU is undeniably complex and captivating, prompting fans to develop their own theories and interpret unfolding events.

But time and time again, aespa proves that even though the SMCU may be fictional, they use their story worlds to discuss the real world. Aespa’s simple way of connecting their knowledge with reality is by frequently appearing with their virtual avatar. In many shows, the aespa has danced side by side with these virtual avatars, showing how advances in technology can change the way K-Pop idols approach their stage.

aespa not only tries to show new possibilities for the show, but their complex world of stories also tries to draw attention to the brutal realities facing K-Pop idols. In the latest SMCU video, each aespa member is faced with a harsh reality that reflects what each member has experienced in the past.

The video depicts Karina dealing with her insecurities, Winter suppressing malicious gossip, Giselle suffering an invasion of privacy, and NingNing facing cyberbullying attacks. Even though the four members act in their respective scenes, the video certainly depicts the true reality that K-Pop idols constantly face as a cost to pursue their dreams.

In a recent aespa speech at the 2022 UN High-Level Political Forum, Giselle proved that the implications of the world of their stories extend even beyond the boundaries of K-Pop alone. The 2022 High-Level Political Forum focuses on assessing each country’s sustainability efforts in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations invited aespa to speak as one of the youth leaders, and the girl group certainly impressed netizens with their professionalism.

In her speech, Giselle uses Aespa’s exploration of virtual reality to prove that the “real world” must be preserved. Giselle points out that, as evidenced by SM Entertainment’s own virtual avatar searches, many “people pay more attention to creating the best possible metaverse world”.

Through their music and SMCU development, aespa hopes to encourage fans to promote sustainability in the real world. “Aespa will continue to connect with the next generation through music and will work towards realizing sustainable goals in reality. Therefore, in the metaverse,” concluded Giselle.

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