Huening Bahiyyih Kep1er’s Facial Features Suddenly Become The Spotlight Of Netizens, Why?

A Number Of South Korean Netizens Suddenly Highlighted Huening Bahiyyih Kep1er’s Facial Features. Check Out Their Full Response In The Following WowKeren News.

Huening Bahiyyih Kep1er’s facial features suddenly became the talk of South Korean netizens. This started when a netizen posted several photos of Huening Kai’s sister TXT on the Korean online community Nate Pann .

In his post, the OP shared a number of beautiful portraits of Huening Bahiyyih taken on several occasions. He also admitted to being very obsessed with his sharp and charming facial features.

The OP wrote, “I’m so obsessed with faces that have sharp features. Seriously, isn’t she pretty? All my friends like SM’s face type, so there’s no friends I can fangirl with…”

The post was immediately responded to with various comments by other South Korean netizens. They agreed with the OP and started praising Huening Bahiyyih’s beauty with various comments such as the following:

“He looks very sharp but his lower face looks funny,” said one netizen. “Seriously beautiful. Where did the children who beat her go at that time? She is this beautiful,” added another netizen. “So I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with a face like this? Hiyyih so beautiful!” another netizen said.

“Back then, there were so many people making hate comments about her. If someone called her beautiful, it would have a lot of downvotes and people hate the commenters. I wonder what logic those kids have. Why is she being hated endlessly? can also make positive posts about it. This is very funny,” said another netizen.

Another commented, “I saw her in real life at Dream Con yesterday and it turned out to be so pretty. She’s so pretty and cute that I flinched, and it makes me wonder why she received the hate before. She’s so beautiful!”

“By the way, I was a fan of another group yesterday. I’m not even a fan of Huening Bahiyyih but I left a comment because I really thought she was beautiful yesterday,” concluded the netizen.

Meanwhile, Kep1er has just made a comeback by launching the mini album “DOUBLAST” with the title track “Up!”. It’s a song meant to elevate the warm yet refreshing summer mood, complemented by energetic vocals and a sound that combines elements of funk, house , and soul .

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