HYBE Criticized Hypocritically Due To The Release Of BTS’s J-Hope Solo Album Without A Physical Version, Why?

Like Other K-Pop Companies, HYBE Has Tried To Do Their Part To Protect The Environment By Releasing J-Hope’s Solo Album Without A Physical Version. This Makes Fans Angry.

J-Hope BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) released a digital album instead of a physical one. This is touted as an attempt by HYBE Labels to save their reputation from criticism regarding environmentally friendly content.

One of the reasons K-Pop artists are popular is because of their impressive physical album packaging. However, the hobby of K-Popers in collecting photocards has drawn criticism from netizens because the mass purchase of albums is not environmentally friendly.

With environmental issues becoming increasingly important, VICTON started the green movement by releasing a digital version of their album. Meanwhile , the SF9 album will be made from materials that can be decomposed naturally.

Like other K-Pop companies, HYBE has tried to do their part to protect the environment. They started by appointing new board member Lee Mi Kyung, CEO of GreenFund.

Following in the footsteps of groups like VICTON, HYBE is also trying the same thing. In particular, they have tested their ESG strategy (to show their consideration for environmental and social issues) with the release of J-Hope’s solo album, “Jack In The Box.”

It was revealed that there would be no physical version of the album. The J-Hope album is basically just a package with a QR code and a photocard.

When ARMYs saw reports of HYBE using J-Hope’s album to try and implement an eco-friendly strategy, many were outraged for several reasons.

ARMYs are wondering why HYBE is testing J-Hope’s album which only has two versions. They compared it to other groups under the label who have more versions for comebacks with a large number of photocards.

The lack of physical albums will have an impact on an idol’s ability to be placed on the world charts as well as how much profit J-Hope will receive. This is another reason that makes ARMY angry.

Another problem ARMYs and netizens have with this announcement is that, apart from the company’s “dedication” to the environment, they are also participating in NFT (non-fungible tokens). As is known, NFT is not very environmentally friendly.

Although HYBE seems to be trying to enforce a positive message to protect the environment through J-Hope’s album, many netizens are angry and call the company a hypocrite.

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