Hyein NewJeans’ Comments About The COVID-19 Pandemic Shocked Netizens, Why?

Recently, Netizens Were Surprised By Hyein NewJeans’ Comments About The COVID-19 Pandemic. What Is The Reason? Check Out The Full Explanation In The Following WowKeren News.

The debut of HYBE Labels’ new girl group, NewJeans , was greeted with great enthusiasm. The reason is, this group was produced by HYBE’s Chief Brand Officer, Min Hee Jin, a former creative director of SM Entertainment who has fostered a number of popular groups such as SNSD ( Girls’ Generation ), SHINee , f(x) , EXO to Red Velvet .

For that reason, every member of NewJeans gets a lot of attention. One of them is Hyein who was born on April 21, 2008, so she is currently 14 years old.

On Saturday (6/8), the youngest member of NewJeans made a surprising comment about the COVID-19 pandemic. He admitted that this pandemic started when he was still in elementary school.

Hyein’s confession successfully made a netizen surprised. He didn’t think that he had such a huge age difference with the beautiful idol.

“When Hyein was in elementary school, the Corona epidemic… Such a real age difference…” said a netizen on Twitter. It finally became the spotlight of a number of South Korean netizens on the online community site theqoo .

Like the first netizens, many were surprised to learn this fact. They “slapped” reality because many of them were adults when this pandemic started. The funny thing is, some netizens say the same thing but in a different context.

“Oh my God, I was 20 years old when the pandemic first broke out,” said one netizen. “Mers broke when I was in elementary school,” added another netizen. “I was an adult when Mers happened,” said another.

“Swine flu happened when I was still in elementary school,” said another netizen. “Well, when I was in college there was a thing called Sars …” concluded the other netizens and many more.

Meanwhile, NewJeans officially debuted by releasing “Cookie” on August 1. Although quite successful, their debut was colored with pros and cons because some of the members were still minors.

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