HyunA And DAWN Compact Body Full Of Tattoos

Hyuna And DAWN Announced Their Engagement In Early February. DAWN Came By Designer To Discuss Ring Designs For Over A Month, Even Handpicking Opals And Diamonds.

HyunA and DAWN ( E’Dawn ) have been in a serious relationship for a long time. The engaged couple is currently in France. But they still actively share their daily lives through posts on Instagram.

In his latest upload, HyunA and DAWN compactly spit out body parts full of tattoos. HyunA seems to be wearing a loose top so that her shoulders and arms that have several totos are clearly visible.

Meanwhile, DAWN is seen wearing a black shirt that is not buttoned so that his upper body is clearly covered in tattoos. The former PENTAGON member was also seen holding a cigarette.

On the other hand, Hyuna and DAWN announced their engagement in early February. DAWN initially made a couple ring post with the caption, “Marry me”. HyunA then replied, “Of course yes.”

DAWN is said to have come designers to discuss engagement ring designs for over a month and even handpicked opals and diamonds. There were technical difficulties in making the ring but they finally managed to solve it.

In a recent interview with BAZAAR magazine, DAWN praised HyunA. “Putting aside the fact that we are a couple, HyunA is a person I really admire and respect,” Confessed DAWN.

DAWN continued his praise for his fiancé by saying, “And he’s amazing when it comes to his visual comprehension. I got a lot of help from him with regards to visual elements like colors or clothes.”

“HyunA took a photo of my album jacket (for ‘Stupid Cool’) with a digital camera that she always carried, and I liked the end result as soon as I saw it. I realized, ‘Ah, so this is how HyunA looks at me,’ concluded DAWN.

Meanwhile, HyunA and DAWN have yet to divulge when they will step into marriage. But it is certain that this couple is getting more and more intimate day by day. What do you think?

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