HyunA’s Short Shoulder-Length Haircut Has The Potential To Become A Trend

HyunA’s Eccentric Appearance Again Surprised Her Appearance Thanks To The New Hairstyle Of The Singer Of The Song ‘I’m Not Cool’, Which Is Shoulder-Length Short So That The Public Is Stunned.

HyunA ‘s appearance in public is always in the spotlight and a role model because her dress style and hairstyle are always charming. But this time, this solo singer featured a hair style that was one hundred percent different from usual.

On Saturday , HyunA became the main guest star on the second day of the “Geobugseom Music” music festival held in South Korea. In her appearance, HyunA turned out to have trimmed her beautiful long hair to shoulder-length.

Before appearing in public, Hyuna has shown off her hairstyle which was revealed to change her hairstyle to a shoulder-length short with black color. This indicates that HyunA has made a new change after maintaining her long hair for a long time.

Thanks to her new hairstyle, the new chic look clearly shows the butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck which is hard to see when she has long hair. And directly HyunA finally appeared at the festival music event which gave a refreshing charm on stage.

HyunA herself performed various songs including mega hits such as “Bubble Pop!” and “Red”. During his performance of “Bubble Pop!”, his fiancé E’DAWN came on stage to cheer him on and the crowd burst into a frenzy.

After performing her song “Bubble Pop!”, HyunA became emotional and shed tears when she delivered a speech to her fans. At that time, DAWN showed his affection in public once again by entertaining the singer on stage.

Together, HyunA and DAWN also entertained the audience with the performance of their collaboration single “Ping Pong”. In response to her new appearance, fans also gave their comments regarding HyunA’s short haircut.

“He cut his hair?” write another. “New haircut looks really good on you,” another commented. “I like it too,” another commented/ “New haircut?? The tattoo can be seen clearly,” said another fan and more. Regardless of how she looks, HyunA is always at the center of trends from all sides.

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