Ideal Girlfriend, Kang Tae Oh’s Way To Calm Park Eun Bin In ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Makes Mleyot

One Of The Attention-Grabbing Scenes In The Latest Episode Of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Is When Kang Tae Oh Calms Park Eun Bin. What’s The Snippet Like?

ENA’s drama ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” has aired its latest episode on Wednesday (3/8) last night. This episode is filled with the identity of the two main characters, Woo Young Woo ( Park Eun Bin ) and Lee Jun Ho ( Kang Tae Oh ).

One of the uwu moments they had was when Lee Jun Ho calmed Woo Young Woo when he was experiencing severe anxiety. In that scene, Woo Young Woo gets very shocked when he watches his client, Shin Il Su, get into a car accident right in front of him.

Shin Il Su’s wife who was with them immediately approached her husband’s car. That’s why Lee Jun Ho immediately followed him and left Woo Young Woo alone. Woo Young Woo was devastated because this incident was so shocking.

Lee Jun Ho who saw Woo Young Woo from a distance immediately ran to him. He calmed Woo Young Woo by hugging him from behind until his emotions stabilized.

In another scene, Woo Young Woo said, “Thank you for hugging me when we witnessed Mr. Shin’s death. For people with autism…” Lee Jun Ho replied, “Anxiety can go away if pressure is put on the body during sensory overload, right? ?”

She continued, “In France, they have hug chairs for people with autism. When sitting, the inside of the chair swells and hugs really tightly. You can control the pressure with the controller too.”

When Woo Young Woo asked if he could buy it in Korea, Lee Jun Ho sweetly said, “Do you have to buy it? I can do it for you. (Become) your personal hug chair.” They then laughed shyly and kissed because they got carried away.

This scene is in the spotlight of many parties. Many are made mleyot with Lee Jun Ho’s sweet way to calm Woo Young Woo and the sincerity of his love. Check out some of the netizens’ comments below:

“He really is the ideal type of boyfriend. Why is he so cute?” said a netizen. “It shows his sincerity to Woo Young Woo. He realizes that he has to be patient with having an autistic partner, so he finds out about the disease and wants to be a hug chair for him,” added another netizen.

“Actually I really need someone like Jun Ho. Unfortunately he is only fiction,” said another netizen. “Not only is the character cool, Kang Tae Oh’s acting here is also very good,” said another. “This scene makes me sad and happy. Today’s episode is very good,” concluded the other netizens.

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” will air its new episode on Thursday (4/8) tonight. For those of you who are curious about the continuation of their story, don’t miss it to watch it.

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