iKON Members Reveal Their Thoughts On BI’s Departure For The First Time

The iKON members were guests on “ Oh Eun-young’s Golden Clinic ,” which aired on the night of June 3. During the episode, the members consulted with psychologist Dr. Oh Eun-young . They particularly attracted attention by revealing their feelings about BI , who left the group three years ago.

“ To be honest, when BI hyung left the group and there were only six of us without a leader, I was shocked. Hyung had a lot to do. The members did not date at all during this period ,” said Kim Dong-hyuk.

“ It was really sad and difficult for us. We had been together as a team since we were trainees, and no one had ever left. When someone suddenly left the team when they were doing well, more more realistic quest sad. When he said ‘I’m leaving,’ our feelings were suddenly like strangers ,” Goo Jun-hoe confessed.

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“ ‘What should we do now?’ I couldn’t think of anything. She just disappeared. I think she had lived with that thought for months ,” Bobby added.

“ I felt bitter about the absence of a member who had lived with me for a long time. The friend I had been with for years suddenly disappeared , “she continued.

“ When the leader, who was the mainstay of the band and responsible for so many things, disappeared, he thought ‘will iKON end up like this? ‘” Bobby confesses.

“ It has been 3 years since BI left. When he first left, we couldn’t appear on public broadcasts, and instead could only make content for fans ,” Koo Jun-hoe recalled.

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