In Addition To The Group Leader, RM BTS And G-Dragon BIGBANG Also Have Similarities In This

At Busan Art 2022 Held In Busan In May, Artist Kim Hee-Soo’s Work, Which Gained Popularity After It Was Discovered That RM Bought It, Sold Out 121 Pieces Within 3 Hours.

RM ( Rap Monster ) BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) conveyed his status recently after meeting with US President Biden, as well as showing his love for art. This is what the BTS leader has in common with the BIG BANG leader , G-Dragon .

On June 9, RM posted several photos on his Instagram along with a caption that said, “The mountain is inside of me.” In the photos, RM is seen looking at the 20th anniversary exhibition of artist Yoo Young-kuk, who is considered the pioneer of Korean abstract art. RM, who is usually known as an art lover, showed his special love for art by visiting the exhibition the day before the release of the group’s new album, “Proof”. In particular, RM’s extraordinary love for art spreads more widely through his interest in the Korean art world.

At Busan Art 2022 held in Busan in May, artist Kim Hee-soo’s work, which gained popularity after it was discovered that RM bought it, sold out 121 pieces within 3 hours of opening, recording sales of over 200 million won.

Yang Jung-moo, a professor at Korea National University of the Arts who appeared on the SBS radio show “Kim Young-chul’s Power FM” on May 12, explained, “Art exhibitions are divided into places where RM goes and places where he goes. he didn’t come.”

RM’s influence in the world of art exhibitions is immense. In fact, it’s not only recently that idols’ love of art has become known. Prior to RM, G-Dragon and BIGBANG’s TOP were the first K-pop stars to lay the groundwork for promoting the art world to the public.

Both have collected work by star artists through overseas auctions such as Sotheby’s. In 2020, they are listed side by side in the list of 50 famous collectors announced by renowned US art magazine Art News.

G-Dragon and TOP often share on social media and actively communicate with fans. It has been revealed that the price of paintings in daily photos posted by G-Dragon on Instagram in the past was huge, ranging from 420 million won (approximately IDR 4.8 billion) to 3.7 billion won (approximately IDR 42.4 billion). In TOP’s case, when appearing on a broadcast in the past, he revealed, “I spend at least 95% of my income on buying art.”

The industry expert said, “Not only celebrity artists such as Cho Young Nam and Solbi , but also famous celebrities such as G-Dragon, TOP and RM are known as art lovers, and accessibility to the art market is declining. Recently, K-pop stars aged The 20s to 30s and the MZ generation are investing in art.” They added, “In particular, selecting and placing value on works based on one’s own taste and perspective is expected to have a positive influence on the expansion of the art market.”

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