Initially Joking, Jin BTS’s Cooking Skills Make This Famous Chef Threatened

In His Personal Vlog, Jin BTS Learns To Cook His Favorite Snack With A Famous Chef. The Cooking Ability Of The ‘Epiphany’ Singer Is Considered A Threat To The Chef’s Restaurant?

Jin BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) finally released his personal vlog on the BANGTAN TV YouTube channel on Saturday (13/8). In the video, Jin shows his cooking activities with famous chef Lee Yeon Bok.

Loves food and loves to cook, Jin learns from Lee Yeon Bok to make his favorite snack, menbosha. Even Jin surprised the chef with his courage to try a new skill in cooking.

During cooking, Jin often asks chef Lee Yeon Bok for guidance and new techniques. During that time, the chef kept praising Jin.

“You are good at it because you cook often,” said Lee Yeon Bok.

When they finally tried the finished menbosha, Lee Yeon Bok returned the compliments. For his hard work making menbosha and learning new skills, Lee Yeon Bok felt it was appropriate to give an award to the singer of “Epiphany”.

“So how? Is it delicious?” Jin asked. “Excellent,” replied Chef Lee Yeon Bok.

Even the chef can chime in on Jin’s jokes. The owner of the name Kim Seokjin judged that it was tastier than Lee Yeon Bok’s restaurant.

“Chef, I’m sorry to tell you this. But I think it’s a little better than your restaurant,” said Jin. “Yes!” said Lee Yeon Bok.

Jin then wonders if he is good at making delicious menbosha because Lee Yeon Bok taught him. But apparently the chef feels threatened by Jin’s restaurant, which might rival Mokran’s prestige.

“Am I talented because I’m with you beside me?” Jin asked.

“You’re talented. I feel threatened over Mokran,” replied chef Lee Yeon Bok.

Meanwhile, BTS is now more focused on the individual activities of each member after releasing their latest album “PROOF”. Jin is currently busy collaborating with the game Maple Story on a two-episode web show.

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