It’s Funny, 2PM’s Wooyoung Admits He Was Misunderstood As ‘BIGBANG Junho’ When He Came Home

Recently, 2PM’s Wooyoung Revealed A Funny Story He Experienced While Visiting Busan, Where He Was Misunderstood As ‘BIGBANG’s Junho’. What’s The Full Story Like?

On Friday (17/6), 2PM’s YouTube channel shared an interesting video containing Wooyoung ‘s travel vlog . In the video, Wooyoung reveals the funny experience he had when he returned home.

This video itself shows a fun moment when Wooyoung toured Jeju Island with his staff. While driving, Wooyoung told his staff a funny thing that happened when he visited his hometown in Busan.

Wooyoung said, “A while ago, I went to Busan with my friends. After checking in at the hotel, we waited for the elevator to go up to our room.”

He continued, “When the elevator arrived, there was a large family in it. There was an old woman with her child and granddaughter. They were busy getting off while my friends and I got in.”

During that moment, Wooyoung met a big family who was familiar with his face. Funnily enough, an old woman recognized him as ” Big Bang’s Junho ( BIGBANG )”. This of course made Wooyoung very surprised, because besides being the wrong person, the woman also mispronounced Junho’s group name.

Wooyoung shared, “When they came downstairs, one of the people, who looked like the woman’s daughter, turned around and looked at me. She was like, ‘Oh?!’ in a surprised tone. I think he recognizes me.”

“He tried to ask me, ‘You….?’ But then the old woman quickly said to her daughter, ‘Ah yes, it must be him. This is it!’ Wooyoung said.

She continued, “The grandchildren are like, ‘Who is that?’ because they didn’t recognize me at all. The old woman told them, ‘He’s a famous man! He’s really famous. Don’t you guys know him?’ to make the children even more curious.”

Wooyoung added with a laugh, “Then he said to them confidently, ‘I can’t believe you all don’t know him. He’s JUNHO from BIGBANG!'”

“All of this happened in a short time, you know. I’m not a member of BIGBANG and I’m not Junho. Who am I?” concluded the 1989-born idol.

After finishing his story, Wooyoung immediately burst out laughing. Likewise with the staff who were with him.

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