It’s Horrified, The Price Of A Birdcage Is Held By BLACKPINK’s Jennie In The ‘Pink Venom’ MV For The Equivalent Of A House!

The Price Of The Small Bird Cage Held By BLACKPINK’s Jennie In The ‘Pink Venom’ MV Was Finally Revealed And It Was Not Kidding, It Was Possible To Buy A New House!

BLACK PINK is known to be in the spotlight because it has just released ” Pink Venom ” on August 16 last. This is the first time BLACKPINK has released a new song as a group after almost 2 years of focusing on a solo career.

“Pink Venom” is known to be a pre-release of BLACKPINK’s comeback album , “BORN PINK”. BLACKPINK’s second studio album itself will be released on September 16.

The concept of “Pink Venom” itself successfully surprised fans. Luxury goods and fantastically priced outfits are seen throughout the music video.

The famous brands that appeared in the “Pink Venom” MV itself seemed to be adapted to each BLACKPINK member. Jisoo with Dior, Jennie with Chanel, Rose with Saint Laurent, and Lisa with Celine.

The bird cage that Jennie brought at the beginning of the “Pink Venom” MV was also revealed to be a collection from Chanel. The price of the bird cage was not kidding.

The birdcage is actually a collection of bags from the well-known luxury brand, Chanel. The bag that Jennie brought was the “Chanel Bird Cage Bag Runway Evening Bag”.

The bag actually has a black part inside which can be removed. The Chanel bag was turned into a “really” birdcage in the “Pink Venom” MV.

The price of this bag was revealed to be fantastic. The Chanel Bird Cage Bag Runway Evening Bag is priced at $27,880. If converted into rupiah, it will be around 414.17 million rupiah.

The fantastic nominal of more than 400 million rupiah can certainly be used to buy a house. Want a bag twin with Jennie?

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